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Let's convert Kelvin (K) to another unit of Temperature

This quick and easy calculator will convert Kelvin (K) into other units of temperature e.g. °C, °F

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Unit Information

Symbol: K
Unit System: SI

What is the Kelvin?

Kelvin is the SI base unit for temperature and is has the symbol K.

Kelvin is named after 1st Baron Kelvin, William Thomson who was born in Belfast and studied engineering and physics at Glasgow University.

The scale was based on Lord Kelvin's theory whereby a) there was a need for "absolute zero" or "infinite cold" to be represented by 0 and b) used degree Celsius to increment each unit.

The Kelvin has also been adapted to measure colour temperature and noise temperature; both with the capability to express amounts of "warmth". The photosphere of the sun, for example, has an effective colour temperature of 5778K.