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Let's convert Farenheit (°F) to another unit of Temperature

This quick and easy calculator will convert Farenheit (°F) into other units of temperature e.g. °C

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Symbol: °F
Unit System: Imperial

What is the Farenheit?

Farenheit (or degrees Farenheit) is a scale to measure temperature and is part of the imperial / US customary unit system with the symbol °F.

The Farenheit scale was proposed in 1724 by Daniel Gabriel Farenheit and was the first standardized temperature scale to be widely used.

0 °F was set as the freezing point of a solution made from equal parts ice, water and salt. It was then established that the melting point of ice was 32 °F and human body temperature was 96 °F (or 98.6 °F when the scale was redefined into the modern version of the scale).

It is still used in the US and some associated territories as the official temperature scale. Everywhere else in the world uses Celsius.