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Let's convert Kilometres (km) to Picas (pc)

This quick and easy calculator will convert Kilometres (km) to Picas (pc) and show formula, brief history on the units and quick maths for the conversion.

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Quick Reference for Converting Kilometres to Picas

pc = km x 237106.28
Quick Rough Maths
To get the Picas, multiply the number of Kilometres by 237.1 thousand
Kilometres (km) in 1 Pica
There are 0 Kilometres in 1 Pica
Picas (pc) in 1 Kilometre
There are 237106.28 Picas in 1 Kilometre

Unit Information

Symbol: km
Unit System: SI

What is the Kilometre?

The kilometre is a unit of length and is a multiple of the metre; an SI derived unit. It has the symbol km.

A kilometre is equal to 1000m, 1094 yards and 0.621 miles.

Kilometres is used to measure road distances in the US, though the UK is still using the imperial "sister" miles.

Symbol: pc
Unit System: Typography

What is the Pica?

The pica is a unit of length in the field of typography and uses the symbol pc.

There are 12 points in 1 pica. 1 pica represents approximately 1/6 of an inch.

Picas are expressed using numbers and a lower case p on software such as Adobe InDesign - for example 8p6 which would represent 8 picas and 6 points (or 8.5 picas).

The Pica is very useful in measuring and calculating the space needed to print letters and words on paper - for example when laying out books or magazine articles; the font lengths are quanitified by the number of characters per pica (cpp).

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