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Let's convert Barns (b) to Square Feet (ft²)

This quick and easy calculator will convert Barns (b) to Square Feet (ft²) and show formula, brief history on the units and quick maths for the conversion.

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Quick Reference for Converting Barns to Square Feet

ft² = b / 9.290304E+26
Quick Rough Maths
To get the Square Feet, divide the number of Barns by 9.290304E+14 trillion
Barns (b) in 1 Square Foot
There are 9.290304E+26 Barns in 1 Square Foot
Square Feet (ft²) in 1 barn
There are 0 Square Feet in 1 barn

Unit Information

Symbol: b
Unit System: Particle Physics

What is the barn?

The barn is a unit of area and is used in particle physics with the symbol b.

It represents approximately the area of the cross-section of a uraneum nucleus, so is very small compared to most other recognised units of area.

It is also used to measure the interaction of a nucleus with an electric field gradient in nuclear quadrupole and magnetic resonance.

Square Foot
Symbol: ft²
Unit System: Imperial

What is the Square Foot?

The square foot is a unit of area and is an imperial unit with the symbol ft².

One square foot is equal in area to a square with edges one foot in length.

It is used a lot in expressing the internal size of a house, apartment, office or other properties so is a useful unit to understand.

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